Hanging Trash Can – The revolution trash can

Original price was: USD $49.90.Current price is: USD $29.90.


Discover the Hanging Bin – a revolutionary must-have for your kitchen!

  • Ergonomically designed to save your back
  • Sliding lid for hands-free use
  • Generous opening for bulky waste
Hanging Trash Can - The revolution trash can USD $49.90 Original price was: USD $49.90.USD $29.90Current price is: USD $29.90.
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Introducing the Hanging Trash Can – A Revolutionary Kitchen Companion

Imagine a trash can that is more than just a staid fixture in the kitchen. The Hanging Trash Can is an innovative solution guaranteed to transform your kitchen maintenance routine. The result? A clutter-free, hygienic, and stress-free cooking environment.

  • Design that saves the back: Forget bending down every time you need to dispose of trash. This trash can easily attaches to cabinet doors or drawers for convenient, waist-high trash disposal.
  • A lid that eliminates odors: Equipped with a sliding lid, it locks in smells and keeps pests out, maintaining a clean and fresh kitchen ambiance.
  • Generous opening for bigger waste: Seamlessly discard larger kitchen waste through its wide opening, designed for your kitchen’s demanding needs.

Unparalleled Durability and Practicality

This Hanging Trash Can is constructed with premium grade PP material, ensuring robust durability for everyday use. It’s reliable, steadfast, and a lasting companion to support your kitchen, keeping it clean over the years.

Comes with Handy Scoop

With a practical tool included to collect and dispose of your kitchen waste effectively, this trash can makes sure cleanliness is always hands-free, and above all, hygienic.

Specifications to Know

Constructed from high-quality PP material, the product boasts an understated off-white color. It measures 28*16*26cm. With a very manageable weight of just 0.64kg, it comes with complete hanging hardware and hooks, easy to hang on cabinet doors up to 2.5cm thick – always double-check your door thickness before you buy!

Experience a Cleaner, Fresher Kitchen with the Hanging Trash Can

Ready to elevate your kitchen administration routine? Purchase the Hanging Trash Can today for a revolutionized kitchen experience – redefine the way you manage your kitchen waste.